Circuit Training Series

A training program designed for beginner and Intermediate climbers to improve

  • Grip-, upper body- and core strength.

  • Endurance.

  • Climbing Technique.

Do you want to become a better climber and start hitting the higher grades, but you don't know how. This series will get you started.

Lukas Stuebi ( Hangar owner, youth team coach and climbing aficionado) will lead and coach you during the climbing portion of the series.

Mondays 7pm-8pm @ the Hangar

Brad Kohuch ( Owner Valhalla Strength and Conditioning, Coach and fitness aficionado) will lead and coach through the fitness and conditioning portion of the series.

Thursdays 7pm-8pm @ Valhalla Strength and Conditioning


6 week training program

$240 | $180 for Hangar 24/7 Members


Inquire @ The Hangar

or by phone 778 991 3672